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Science behind the Art

Simplicity is what makes Coloriffic beautiful. More than just a game of colors, it has been built around the way a child with Autism thinks, feels, reacts, and ultimately learns. All of this is done with aspirations to create fun filled learning experience.
So many coloring books in one!

'Kids are versatile so why should a game limit their creativity? With themes ranging from birds and animals to holiday occasions, the fun really never stops as their favourite images come alive with colours.
A gold for the young Picasso

Every child is unique and so is the way they score when they color. So they can keep track of how well they are doing by looking at the Achievements page.

Individuals with Autism learn by repetition and we have designed our game using feedback taken from our ongoing tests.

We started with a simple image and we based our criteria for game design on:
  • Ease of use
  • The ability to navigate the menus
  • Functionality of controls
  • Positive and negative feedback
  • Additional observations


At the end of the tests we had enthusiastic and happy students as well as grateful and happy teachers and educational assistants. The team has conducted a number of tests within Ontario schools with the aim of gathering data conducive to development for individuals with Autism aged 12-19. This invention is a custom application designed specifically for youth with Autism. Currently, there are few products that cater specifically to students with Autism. Our research at schools has found that enrichment of education from software applications for PC’s and for new technologies such as tablet devices are somewhat restricted in terms of creating a fun filled learning experience for individuals with Autism.


The game design, play elements, and scoring structure are specifically designed to engage autistic users. Our reward structure coupled with positive reinforcements while navigating gameplay results in an uplifting experience for the user and educators. Usability is tailored to the youth’s dexterity and hand/finger motions, which is why we have created both tablet and desktop versions to cater to as many individuals challenges as possible. Sounds are used at specific instances in game play to engage the user and to enrich the gameplay experience. Data has been collected over an extended period of on-site tests within schools and we worked hard to develop – My Digital Colouring Book – It’s Coloriffic!

Spread The Word

Please support our efforts by purchasing or passing this product on to others who may benefit, so that we can continue to develop new and exciting versions of this product with simple aspirations to bring many smiles to many faces.
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Coloriffic game
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Coloriffic Game

Coloriffic Menus
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Coloriffic Menus

Coloriffic Launch - Autism Awareness Day
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"Autism Awareness Day"

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Communing with the Community
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  • As a professional Educator, my goal is to make my student’s functioning and contributing members of society upon graduation. Having consulted on My Digital Coloring Book: It’s Coloriffic, I was elated to know that NWES aspired to adhere to individuals with Autism’s needs and tried hard to diversify their game design to cater to as many individuals within the ASD range. The various product offerings do just that as they worked with both desktops and tablet devices!
    Sameia Aziz, PG in Education; Special Education Specialist (AQ); Member - Ontario College of Teachers
  • I've been working with the Autism community for ten years and seen many apps try and fail to accomplish what Coloriffic has successfully created. When I played Coloriffic I was pleased to see an app that not only tests your cognitive skills, but is super fun and interesting. The colors and art were beautiful and in the few minutes that I was playing Coloriffic I learned something new, felt accomplished, and wanted more. I am excited to see the developers of Coloriffic expand on the awesome experience it delivers!"
    Sarah Anne Drew CEO, Every1Games
About US

Northern World Entertainment Software Inc. (NWES) is based in the Greater Toronto Area. We are passionate about creating “Just Good Games” and strive to make the best possible experience for all our players! Our team has been working on Coloriffic for over two years
and the game has been designed and thoroughly play-tested by individuals with Autism aged 12-19 as well as children aged 4-9 and they love it!
If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to send us a note by email (admin@colorifficgame.com) or on Facebook or Twitter.

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